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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wiki Markup in Word to Confluence

I read this post - Is it possible to use Confluence Macros in the Word origin file? - and thought it was interesting. Back when I was using Confluence on a daily basis, the idea of using MS Word as a way to import wiki markup to Confluence because, for us, the whole idea was to NOT use MS Word for ANY of our documentation. And, on a related note, this post - What is the best add-on for Microsoft Word 365 to build macros? The built-in macro feature is very inefficient - and very wrong. Building macros by recording actions is very efficient. In fact, I have many included in my Quick Access Toolbar, as shown below.

When I look at a document in MS Word, it looks like this:

Obviously, I need to trim since I can't even see the name of the file!

Editor's Note: This was an "as-is" rendering of my QAT. Due to testing the application of styles through the QAT, duplicates exist in the third screenshot.

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