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Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 Super Bowl tickets

Jean, my mother-in-law, forwarded this joke from our mutual friend Gerry.

A friend of mine has two tickets for the 2017 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $1,700 for each ticket but will take less.

He didn't realize when he bought them that this was going to be on the same day as his wedding - so now he can't go.

If you are interested and would like to go in his place, it's at St Peter's Church, in New York City, at 5 pm.
Her name is Sally, she's 5'4", about 115 lbs, good cook, makes $90,000 a year!
She will be the one in the white dress....

I wrote back: "I nominate Lou (my father-in-law) to be Gerry's chaperone" and then changed "chaperone" to "travel buddy" which is a joke among Karen's family. When we went to the Dubuque Riverfront Museum, Jean was my "travel buddy" and I would hide from her when it was time to go to the next place. They were going to come down from Balltown this weekend but because of the frigid cold, they are not going to come. In the Big Picture, that's fine because Karen is sick (staying home from work for the second day in a row) and I wouldn't want them to be exposed to what she has - it has knocked her down for the count.

When I got home from work, Megan and I went to Hy-Vee to get 3 orders of Chinese food & pizza for me. Megan and I talked about the term that just ended for her at UNI. She is now 2.5 years away from graduating with a degree in Elementary Education. We talked about how her Africa class was a joke, that the professor was extremely negative about every thing and how she didn't learn anything about Africa in his class. She added that she learned more about Africa in her 7th grade Social Studies class than she did in that UNI class. That's disheartening to think college tuition doesn't buy knowledge about the subject.

When we got home, we ate and watched the new episode of "The Big Bang Theory" as we watched Howard & Bernadette have their baby. They gave Raj "something" to do - his character has been an afterthought after the sub-plots he had with dating a couple of women have faded. He and Stewart were competing for attention regarding the baby and the touching moment of the episode was when Howard named Raj the baby's godfather. It's interesting - Howard is Jewish and I guess I didn't know they had godfathers. Knowledge is power!

Then, when that was over, I did get to finally see "Suicide Squad" with Megan & Karen. It was available "on-demand" from South Slope. Karen gave up - she didn't feel good and went to bed before the grand finale scenes. As for the movie, I liked it. I didn't really understand why all the critics thought it was a giant mess and such a terrible movie. It did have a slow start as it spent a lot of time explaining all of the characters in the beginning. Yes, that made the opening part slow as it was just a lot of explanation but the director seemed to realize that so text flashed on the screen. However, the text was shown very briefly and required very fast reading skills. It was also in a font that was not easy to read. Some of the details that I read seemed odd - like it mentioned things that weren't really fleshed out. For example, Captain Boomerang's text said he liked pink unicorns, but why? I have no clue. Sometimes I think there should be a pamphlet given to you when you go to the movies that explains the backstory and all the things you need to know. Of course, since I write explanatory text as a technical writer for a living, as soon as I write that, I think that it should be available online so that you don't end up killing a lot of trees. Doing so would also make it available for when the movie is viewed at home on a DVD or on-demand. A pamphlet at the theater wouldn't have helped me last night -- I wasn't at the theater!

After the movie, I ripped some more CDs - I have 14 remaining on Spindle # 9 - while I watched a "Two and 1/2 Men" episode. It was the one when Chelsea is sick and Charlie needs to take care of her. It was the PERFECT episode to be aired on TV last night - how coincidental that Karen is sick!

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