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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Those Noises You Hear were Joy

Major events caused joy for me yesterday.
  1. The process of copying all of the files off of the MyCloud drive completed. I reset the MyCloud drive and am now now copying files back to it. It was 255 days ago when I had my most recent EHD crash so I've been working on this project for that number of days. It feels really good to be making progress. 
  2. Megan and I went to see "Star Wars: Rogue One" yesterday. We both really liked it. I thought it was a good story and I didn't care about the fact that I knew how the movie would end. I am walking a tightrope of revealing spoilers but I think I can safely say that when Episode IV begins, you know where a certain character is located. This movie ends at that same location and you see one of the characters. However, there are two characters that were also there that we briefly see in another setting. I think one small tweak I would make would be to show that all three characters are where they were when Episode IV begins. 
  3. The Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team demolished the UNI Panthers men's basketball team. I will cheer for UNI when they play anyone but Iowa in the same way I will cheer for ISU when they play anyone but Iowa. The reason why their victory was joyous is it was the second game in a row when the team played defense (according to the game summaries) which will be crucial when the Big Ten season begins in early January. I heard one TV analyst state that the Big Ten is going to be competitive from top to bottom.  

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