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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bigger than One Man

The headline is screaming for anyone to read it!

Can Indiana Pacers Use Lost Season to Rebuild into Championship Contender?

The article under the headline is mystifying, basing its claim that the season was lost because of one injury to a key player. The doom and gloom begins with the opening of the article, "The second Paul George went up to block that James Harden layup this summer in the Team USA scrimmage, this season was lost for the Indiana Pacers" and doesn't give any credit to any other player stepping up to make a difference.

And, okay, fine. The season began rough (3-6).

But there are 82 games this season. How can anyone possibly know what their final record will be when the 2015 NBA Playoffs arrive?

This isn't a blind "I am a Pacers fan so I think they will make a 20 point comeback with a minute in the game" fan speaking. Authentically, how does this author know what their final record will be?

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