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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Political Season is OVER

While a summary of national races can be found by reading this story, in North Liberty, which is where I live, there is a new mayor, as described in this story.

While I didn't end up writing as many political posts as I feared I would, I feel relieved that I can return the focus of this blog back to music (including bands, the CD reconversion, and playing drums), technical writing (including MS Word and my opinions about the industry), and my busy life (including Megan preparing to graduate in May 2015 and begin undergraduate studies in Elementary Education at UNI, Alex preparing to drive more now that he is 16, and other miscellaneous activities that consume my life).

And for the record, I am easily going to blow past having 2000 posts on this blog prior to 12/31/2014. 

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