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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Saving Me from Myself

What could be part II of my previous post has to do with the mistake I just made moments ago. I can't detail the error of my ways at the moment but at some point today, I hope to spare a few minutes to document it either here or in my personal journal. The gist is that I can access multiple email accounts, including our home account, and when I just clicked a link from our home account to Facebook and because the home account is "connected" to Karen's Facebook account, Facebook wants me to sign in.

I don't remember my password.

No problem - I can sign in with the password of my Hotmail account.

I don't remember my password.

I'm praying that rebooting my laptop after a bit will solve this. Otherwise, I need to reset passwords, which I hate doing because I never remember them. Maybe it's time to set up a 3rd party password storing utility.

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