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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Survivor Series 2014

After the 2014 edition of the WWE PPV Survivor Series, there comes an episode of Monday Night Raw, which should be quite exciting for these reasons:
  1. The Authority fell and are no longer in power. Who takes over? I've seen some online reports that Mick Foley would be brought in as the General Manager of Raw.
  2. The fallout from the Authority v. Team Cena will be a primary focus.
    • Last night, Sting made his WWE debut so tonight begins to answer the question, "What does the WWE do with Sting?" He came to the aid of Team Cena in the main event. He has always been one of my favorite professional wrestlers, dating back to the WCW days when he was isolated by the other WCW wrestlers as a part of the NWO storyline. He is 55 years old so he (probably) doesn't have a lot of matches left in him.
    • Because the speculation has been that he would face the Undertaker at the next Wrestlemania, does Sting take on the role of the Raw General Manager until the Undertaker, if he is going to wrestle Sting, shows up? It'd be an interesting way to get Sting on nightly television without showcasing his age. For all intents and purposes, the Undertaker is a good guy (face) and with Sting siding with Team Cena last night, he is also positioned as a face. Making him the Raw General Manager could lead to him having to make some unpopular decisions that lead to him being the heel in a match with the Undertaker. I wish I knew what Creative had up their sleeves!
  3. The Big Show was on Team Cena but made a deal with the Authority to take out John Cena (apparently). The Big Show shook Triple H's hand, which is an interesting twist, considering that he was tempted a couple of weeks ago to join Team Authority and declined. Why would the Big Show turn on John Cena? 
  4. There's also the reality that there will be the beginnings of building up to the next PPV, called "TLC". Beginning tonight, there will start to be groundwork laid out for the matches that will be on that PPV. This article outlines some potential matches.

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