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Friday, November 7, 2014

Skinner Box

Out in Norfolk, VA, there's a band called Skinner Box that had an ad for a drummer on the local Craigslist site:

Drummer wanted to drum those drums (Williamsburg)

With a tasteful selection of crowd-friendly songs spanning six decades of rock and roll, Skinner Box delivers its unique sound via two acoustic guitars and a cajon-based percussion kit. Toss some vocal harmonies into the mix and the resulting audio salad satisfies the appetites of a diverse audience.

Now Skinner Box needs a drummer, but not just any drummer. We are looking to keep close to the format that has worked very well for us: our drummer has been playing a 5-piece cajon-based kit: a cajon kick drum and a cajon snare being the center-pieces. What we like about it is this: small footprint; easy-to-mic; fits seamlessly with a lower-volume acoustic-based set-up, and makes us stand out in a crowd. A cocktail kit might work, too, or a V-kit, or some other innovative drum set-up of your own creation. A single traditional cajon won't cut it, though. Nor will a standard drum kit. If you're still interested, please keep reading...

We typically get together twice a week in Williamsburg, whether it's two practices or one practice and a gig. We gig only on weekends, and only for money. (With an occasional exception for private parties, big checks, and/or guaranteed large audiences). We've been gigging on a regular basis in the Williamsburg and Yorktown areas, and expect to continue doing so once we get a new drummer up to speed.

If you've made it this far, head over to skinnerboxrocks dot com

You will find our song list there, and other helpful information.

Of course, I was curious so I looked at their song list - - and saw a lot of songs I played with Uncle Rico.

Speaking of UR, I practiced drums on Alex's Yamaha electronic set for about 30 minutes last night. It felt good. I either need to find a band that needs a drummer or I need to retire and stop checking the Iowa City Craigslist site for 'drummer wanted' ads.

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