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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day of the M Bands - Machine Head & Metallica

I saw a link about Machine Head not going to play at festivals and that led me to a series of videos.

I remembered that they had toured with Metallica when I saw this video:

And of course, what goes hand in hand with a Metallica video? A commenter, in this case "Danimal77", complaining about Metallica. This is what Danimal77 posted 2 years ago:

Anthrax released a VERY good album in 2011. What are Metallica still doing? Touring endlessly to nostalgia songs from their heyday. They haven't released new material since 2008. Slayer and Megadeth to me are the only 2 bands of the Big Four who are still Metal in the classic sense and of the 4 bands, Slayer is the only one who never compromised their sound to cash in. They stayed true to their roots the ENTIRE time.

I also found a bunch of videos where Metallica songs were tuned down to C and instrumental. I won't include all of them, but here are a few that piqued my interest, purposely choosing one song from each of their releases.


Creeping Death

Master of Puppets

Harvester of Sorrow

Enter Sandman

Skipping Load & Reload....

Frantic - B flat tuning & 5% faster

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