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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Made for a King

Yesterday was quite eventful. For weeks, a common discussion has been that Alex needs a new mattress as his current mattress sinks in the middle. Despite his protests that his mattress is comfortable, it is not a good mattress for him - its use has been outlived. Thus, when we left North Liberty for the Denver Mattress Company store in Cedar Rapids, the intent was to buy a new mattress for Alex.

Then, we learned that a king bed, which I had considered Plan B, was only $200 more than a queen. We also learned that there is a 15 year warranty. And we can return the mattress if we don't like it.

Alex looked at us incredulously, unable to grasp how going mattress shopping for a new mattress for him had transformed into no new mattress for him. Instead, he is getting our current mattress which, conveniently, he says isn't comfortable.


That was yesterday. Today, after playing drums at 11 AM Mass at Saint Thomas More, Karen, Alex, and I went to Kohl's to get Alex some black pants and black shirts he needed for the West High School production of "Little Women" - he's on the light crew but, for some reason, is also moving the set around. We also got a king size comforter because, duh, a queen size comforter would never work. We also picked up some king size sheets.

When we got home from shopping, I spent some time in our bedroom. The result of yesterday's purchase is there will be a new king size mattress delivered to our house in the next 7-10 days. A king bed will come over 8 inches on each side. This reality, coupled with wanting to vaccuum the carpet under where our current bed is located, gave me the task of taking the wrapping paper out from under our bed. I also moved my nightstand table and rearranged the clothes that had been stored between my nightstand table and the bed. I also needed to find a new home for my MASH series on DVD which I had kept between the nightstand and the wall. My dresser is kitty-corner in our bedroom so I also reached behind the dresser and got rid of what could be thrown away. I would call all of this a productive way to spend a couple of hours. I also packed for going to Lou & Jean's this week and laid out my clothes for work - I do that so I don't have to decide in the morning what I want to wear.

And where was Megan during all of this? Was she working at Fareway? Nope, she was in Davenport on a retreat as a team member putting on the retreat. I am very proud of her for being on the leadership team in the Davenport Diocese. I hope she continues to do things like this.

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