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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reconverting Continues

Speaking of my CD Reconversion project, I see this number as my total from running the MS DOS batch file: 64876 File(s)

My self-imposed deadline for being complete is looming - Monday, December 1, 2014 - and I still have ~200 CDs to go. These are the lowest of the low priorities:
  1. ~100 CDs I received while I was writing CD reviews that must have the basic information - track number, artist, album, & song title - entered manually. That means that converting these CDs is more time consuming than a commercially available CD. For those CDs, Windows Media Player automatically looks up that information and applies it to the files as they are created on my hard drive. 
  2. ~100 CDs are CDs I created that are mainly mix CDs, such as my Life CD series that I've described elsewhere on this blog. The same type of work must be done for these CDs but the challenge for this group is that I sometimes put a song on a Life CD that I liked at the time, but I have since forgotten the name of the band. I probably thought I'd never forget the band / CD when I created the CD but guess what? I have. Thus, I have to piece together who the band is and what song it is. To that end, I have a freeware installed that will allow me to search for songs by song length, which I plan to use when I get around to entering the information for these CDs.

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