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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Spoiler Alert: this post reveals plot details of the movie "Interstellar."

It takes a lot for me to not like a movie, but Alex and I sure saw one last night that I did not like. It is called "Interstellar" and it was incorrectly marketed as an action movie. There is action but it is so long. The movie could have easily cut out 1 hour of it's nearly 3 hour length. There must have been something that could have been cut. Alex and I went to see it because I had thought "St. Vincent" was at 7ish but it really wasn't until 8ish.

I think the worst part of the movie was when the two space explorers got into a fistfight on this distant world. That was when my mind went, "What the hell is going on here?" It was so stupid. Mann leads Cooper out into the middle of nowhere and then they get into a fight. There's also some idiotic subplot that Michael Caine's character had solved an equation, but acted as if he didn't until he had a deathbed confessional. He started quoting "Do not go into that dark night" poem and Cooper's daughter started crying.

There were some moments that were somewhat interesting. The idea that every hour spent on a planet equaled 7 years on Earth was interesting. The idea how Cooper had somehow found a way to go into a black hole, without dying, and be on the other side of the bookcase in their house was stimulating. The idea that the Earth had become this terrible place to live with nothing but dust was sobering, though I don't know if it was trying to make the point about taking care of our planet "or else" because the point was made in a muddy muck of unclarity. The movie started at 7:10 and we didn't walk out of that theater until after 10 PM. I have zero desire to ever sit through that movie again.

Here's a scene. Matthew M is a decent actor, but he talks like he has shit in his mouth.

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