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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reconversion Continues

When I have time, I am working on cleaning up my music files. After running the DOS Batch file this morning, I have 79453 File(s). The capture below shows that I have at least 9174 files that are found when I use the following criteria:

01 *.*, 01-*.mp3, 02-*.mp3, 03-*.mp3, 04-*.mp3, 05-*.mp3, 06-*.mp3, 07-*.mp3, 08-*.mp3, 09-*.mp3. 10-*.mp3, 11-*.mp3, 12-*.mp3, 13-*.mp3, 14-*.mp3, 15-*.mp3, 16-*.mp3, 17-*.mp3, 18-*.mp3, 19-*.mp3, 20-*.mp3, 21-*.mp3, 22-*.mp3, 23-*.mp3, 24-*.mp3, 25-*.mp3, 26-*.mp3, 27-*.mp3, 28-*.mp3, 29-*.mp3. 30-*.mp3, 31-*.mp3, 32-*.mp3, 33-*.mp3, 34-*.mp3, 35-*.mp3, 36-*.mp3, 37-*.mp3, 38-*.mp3, 39-*.mp3, 40-*.mp3

My reason for finding these files is that my naming convention is to use an underscore (_) after the track number instead of a space ( ) or dash (-). I'm trying to make all of my files follow the same naming convention.

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