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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insanity in Ferguson

When the announcement was made that the grand jury was not going to indict the police officer who is responsible for Michael Brown's death, a lot of people were unhappy. I came across this site that is tracking the riots. Until someone setting a car on fire or breaking a window or acts of violence actually make the deceased arise from the grave, I tend to think all of the rioting is idiotic. The site above includes a youtube video of Michael Brown's stepfather telling anyone who will listen to "Burn this b**** down!"

Seriously? The world is shining a spotlight on you and you incite a riot? Really?

As a parent, what is worse than seeing your child in pain or burying your child? I answer nothing. Absolutely the worst things that can happen to a parent. I can't imagine the grief this man feels because this stepfather's son was here and then he was gone and nothing the stepfather does will bring him back, including setting a car on fire or breaking a window or acts of violence. I'm deeply sorry for this man's loss. I am also deeply sorry that people are having their lives disrupted by these riots.

Especially when they won't do two things when they are over. First, they won't change the grand jury's decision. Second, they won't bring Michael Brown back to life. That is reality.

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