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Friday, August 12, 2016


I'm really perplexed with my RoboHelp project. I have a Word document for each of the systems that are going to be in my Disaster Recovery manual. I have them all in the "System_Information" folder so that I can drag that entire folder to the TOC designer and have the books be automatically created and sequenced in alphabetical order. However, the "Telephone System (NEC)" book is being created at the end of the TOC. I would expect it to be between OnBase and VOALTE, as it is displayed on the left under the Project Files > System_Information folder.

I tried deleting the Word doc and all associated HTML files from the RoboHelp project, renaming the document to TTTelephone System (NEC).docx and re-linking the document. When I recreated the TOC, it still put that book at the end of the TOC:
Of course, this is more of an annoyance than anything else - probably spent more time on it than necessary. Still, it seems worthy of a question in the RoboHelp forums.

In the meantime, I tried renaming the Word doc so that it starts with "A" and it still is being created at the bottom of the TOC:

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