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Friday, August 19, 2016


When Metallica announced they were playing in the Twin Cities on 8/20/16, I didn't articulate the initial thought I had, which was that that gig would coincide with new music. Sure enough, yesterday, Metallica released information about their next album. It is called "Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct." Before I even get to the new song "Hardwired" which is beyond AWESOME(!!), look at how bad-ass the album cover is! (I added the red border to the image)

And then... then the MUSIC! I'm happy - no ECSTATIC - to say there are bad words in this video - the F word and "shit" - so consider yourself warned.

My initial 5 reactions were:
  1. It sounds a lot like "My Apocalypse" on "Death Magnetic"
  2. It is a better introduction to new Metallica music than "The Day That Never Comes," which follows the same structure as, say, "Fade to Black" or "One"
  3. It has double bass rumblings so that means Lars is playing his drums.
  4. While the tune has a guitar solo, I wonder why the guitar solo is so short. It sounds almost like it was 1/2 of a longer, perhaps calculated, composition.
  5. James Hetfield has gone on record saying he doesn't curse as much anymore and yet, here on this initial tune, he says the F-word and the phrase "shit out of luck" - so I wonder if that viewpoint has changed somewhat.

It didn't take long for the anti-Metallica people in the world to rear their heads.

And if this isn't enough information, read more here.

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