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Monday, August 22, 2016

Bayside is Playing their New Tunes

As the Bayside tour continues across America, they are playing tunes from "Vacancy" in concert. This is what they played in Boston:
  1. Sick, Sick, Sick
  2. I've Been Dead All Day
  3. Montauk
  4. Pigsty
  5. Blame It on Bad Luck
  6. The Walking Wounded
  7. Just Enough to Love You
  8. Sinking and Swimming on Long Island
  9. Two Letters <== from Vacancy
  10. Choice Hops and Bottled Self Esteem
  11. What and What Not
  12. Masterpiece
  13. Carry On
  14. Killing Time
  15. Duality
  16. Mary <== from Vacancy
  17. Mr. Brightside  (The Killers cover)
  18. Landing Feet First
  1. Don't Call Me Peanut
  2. Pretty Vacant <== from Vacancy
  3. Devotion and Desire

I downloaded the album from their publicist on Friday and will be writing a review for soon. Spoiler alert: IT IS AWESOME!

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