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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Woah - That's Finn Bálor!

SummerSlam 2016 features Finn Balor facing Seth Rollins for the new title on Monday Night Raw, which is called the Universal Title. Balor got into this match because he won a qualifying match. I looked on and found the "Top 25 Moves Of Finn Balor (NXT)" and yeah, I'm impressed with what he can do in the squared circle. That said, I don't really like the way he says "Seth" after the majority of each sentence in the promo he did from last week - Finn Bálor reveals the history of The Demon King: Raw, Aug. 8, 2016 - so I'm hopeful that "someone" tells him to knock that off. Last night on Monday Night Raw, Balor "revealed" his "Demon King" character and it seems to owe a lot of its appearance to two other icons in pro wrestling - The Undertaker and Sting (when he was "The Crow" character in WCW). I hope Balor is able to achieve the success those two did. I liked both of those characters because they went beyond being human beings in a match in a ring. They were mystical and I used to hang on every word that came out of their mouths. I would certainly love to see either a UT v. Sting v. Balor 3-way dance for "Mystical Character of The Universe" or possibly a stable of the 3. However, given that UT & Sting are not routinely on TV, I don't think that's likely.

One side note about last night's episode of Monday Night Raw. Heath Slater came out to the ring and challenged Brock Lesnar to a match so that he could earn a WWE contract. I have been indifferent to Slater as a wrestler for some time but hearing him and seeing the look of determination in his eyes when he said that he had kids and that he needed to provide for them was a very convincing moment for me. I believed him and didn't let my realistic knowledge that Slater really wouldn't be allowed backstage or in the ring area if he didn't already have a contract with WWE -"not having a contract" is a character trait. Lesnar appeared to be sympathetic to Slater and, for a brief moment, I wondered if Lesnar would "use" Slater to make him more approachable. It was a neat moment. Honestly, I like Paul Heyman's promos - they are always entertaining. That said, hearing Lesnar's voice on the mic was refreshing. Of course, that moment was ruined when Lesnar pummeled Slater.

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