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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hot Water

I was assigned a project at work that is due on 8/24 (next Wednesday). The content for this project requires me to work with an extremely busy co-worker to obtain information. Already, since I started here, I've had meetings with him over the lunch hour because he has that much on his plate. Thus, yesterday, when I received an Outlook invite to a meeting with him from 4 - 4:30 today, I was ecstatic. I even wrote about how happy I was to have this meeting set up in my private journal.

Then, last night, it dawned on me and I felt myself drowning in heated liquid as I realized, and said aloud to Karen & Megan, that I had a meeting today at 4. The look on their faces was terror.

"What do you mean you have a meeting at 4? You were planning to leave work at 4 so you can get up to UNI. If you meet from 4 - 4:30, you won't get up to Cedar Falls until 6:30."

Yes, meeting with him from 4 - 4:30 will put me behind schedule by 30 minutes. It was dumb to accept the meeting and, I suppose, my only defense is that I was happy to at least get on his schedule. To remedy the situation, when I arrived at work about an hour ago (6:42 AM), I sent an email to The Busy One and the other invitee to the meeting to see if there is any other time to meet, explaining the situation:

I totally spaced off that I was going to leave today at 4 to take my daughter back up to UNI. Is there another time today that we can meet?

Hopefully, there is another time to meet today. Otherwise, maybe the meeting will not take an entire 30 minutes...

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