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Friday, August 12, 2016

Calculating the Space

I haven't wrote much about it, but I've been working on eliminating duplicates from my "master" external hard drive. I seriously have copies of copies of copies of JPGs, PDFs, DOCs, and a bunch of other file types. This work has been on-going for several months with some minimal progress. It seems never-ending. Here's what I can share so far.

This is from the home laptop. What I've been trying to do is determine whether a 5 TB external hard drive, like the one on sale at Best Buy for ~$140, has a large enough capacity to copy all of my files to it. The screen capture below shows files on the T:\ drive but those files have been moved to another drive so T:\ is out of the picture as far as needing to consolidate files from it to another drive.

Here's a table I created:

Total Size
G - P
1.27 TB
1.41 TB
4 TB
1.80 TB
11.7 GB
2 TB
681 GB
249 GB
1 TB
1.45 TB
2.17 TB
4 TB
341 GB
1.48 TB
2 TB

 Based upon the chart above, here's some crude math:

   G through P drives   1250 GB
+  U                    1853 GB 
                        3103 GB  = 3.030 TB
+ V                      681 GB
                         781 GB  = 3.781 TB
+ Y                      484 GB 
                        5268 GB  = 5.268 TB
+ Z                      341 GB
                        5609 GB  = 5.609 TB

Obviously, 5.609 TB exceeds 5 TB by 609 GB. Then I noticed that the V drive has 681 GB. I calculated the above without including the V:\ drive:

   G through P drives   1250 GB
+  U                    1853 GB 
                        3103 GB  = 3.030 TB

+ Y                     1484 GB 
                        4587 GB  = 4.587 TB
+ Z                      341 GB
                        4928 GB  = 4.928 TB

5 TB > 4.928 TB! Bingo! Except that leaves me with 928 GB on the brand new external hard drive, which isn't a lot.

Thus, before I purchase a new 5 TB external hard drive from Best Buy, I want to eliminate 72 GB. I also have to consider if it'd be possible to eliminate 681 GB (the equivalent of the V drive) from the 4.928 TB so as to allow me to copy the V drive to a new 5 EHD.  I don't have a timeline for when all of this will be complete. Usually I would dedicate Saturday & Sunday mornings on a task like this. However, looking at my calendar, I don't really have any weekends I can dedicate to this project. Thus, I will try to work on it whenever I can.

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