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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Likes Immigrants to Be Legal

I've found it! The text that summarizes my personal feelings about "illegal immigration" came from Lizard Gingrich. From this article
GINGRICH: This is the only immigrant in America you’re worried about.  I think it’s amazing the one person you decide to pick on happens to the wife of Donald Trump.
BECERRA: Interesting that the immigrant basher is unwilling how his wife, an immigrant, got gained her status.
GINGRICH: First of all, he’s not an immigrant basher.  His mother was a legal immigrant. His wife is a legal immigrant. He employs legal immigrants. He just likes his immigrants to be legal.
Bingo! Anyone that wants to come to the United States, come! I will embrace you with the ferociousness of a lioness defending her cubs from a snake under one condition: respect the laws of the United States and go through the process. I know I'm paraphrasing some other post but if someone can't respect the rules to enter the country, why would I think that same person would respect the rules once they are living in the country?

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