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Monday, August 8, 2016

Long and In-Depth Analysis

One of the ramifications of being on vacation without a laptop and/or PC readily available, but also having a cell phone with a clunky Blogger app, is that I now have a lot of emails that each contain a URL that I wanted to use within a blog post. I'm not entirely sure when I will get through them all, but this is one that caught my attention regarding Donald Trump. I have been reading a lot about the 2016 presidential election cycle regarding Christianity and voting for Donald Trump. Erick Erickson is adamant he will not vote for Donald Trump and I would consider him a Conservative writer with viewpoints about Christianity, politics, and life that usually align with my own. Thus, when I read this article, Republicans nominate dangerously insane person to lead America then panic when he proves he is dangerously insane/, Erickson's arguments earn more "weight" in my decision-making process.

Editor's Note: This is not the first political article that will be posted as the emails aforementioned at the beginning of this post are analyzed further. This is not an article that should be considered a higher priority above any other article that is to come - it just so happened it caught the eye in a very long list of emails.

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