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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fact Checking a Speech by Trump is Necessary

I concede the 2016 election. Simply put, Donald Trump speaks too much and, sometimes, what he says is not true, as this article highlights. On top of that, Mitch McConnell is wavering about blocking President Obama’s pick to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, Merrick Garland. Personally, I think it should go up for a vote. I think it should be on record how the members of OUR MEMBERS of Congress vote. If the members of Congress in the Republican party are united, then have the vote that doesn't approve Garland. Of course, the problem is that the Republican party wasn't united prior to Donald Trump being the Republican nominee and they are certainly not united now that he is the nominee. Still, put it on record so that I, as a voting American, can decide. Meanwhile, Republicans are going on record saying that they won't support Donald Trump.

This all seems so bleak - that HRC & Donald Trump are the "best" American can do.

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